Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Improving Your Golf Game with Acupuncture

You may be saying, "Really? Acupuncture can improve my golf game?" While acupuncture won't improve your skill level, per se, you can see positive changes to your game by:

  • Increasing your range of motion
  • Assisting your body's ability to heal from injury
  • Improving your energy and sleep quality
  • Improving your mental focus

Acupuncture affects the musculo-skeletal system by releasing muscle tension and improving blood flow to the muscles so they function more efficiently. Many golfers suffer from lower back, hip, shoulder and/or elbow tightness, pain or strain. Acupuncture can address these issues so that you can have a more fluid swing, one with less the restriction. If you are injured or have chronic pain (in these or other areas of your body), acupuncture can help the body heal itself, reduce pain and inflammation and get you back into your game feeling more physically comfortable.

Many studies that show that the worse you sleep, the worse your physical and mental performance. Since golf is both a physical and mental game, getting proper sleep is crucial for you to play at your best. There are many causes of poor sleep, including (but not limited to) stress, diet, caffeine and hormone imbalances. While it is up to you to eat properly, limit sugar and curb your caffeine intake (especially in the afternoon), acupuncture can help you manage your stress levels and balance your hormones. While acupuncture can't make stressful situations won't go away, it can improve your ability to cope with stress so that it doesn't interfere with your sleep; it is much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep when your mind stops racing.

Stress, ADD/ADHD and brain fog can interfere with your mental focus.  In addition to eating foods containing omega 3 fatty acids and avoiding processed foods and chemicals in your diet, acupuncture can help clear the fog and settle the hyperactivity making it easier to focus on your game. I once had a teenage male patient diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder who said that after the acupuncture treatments his handwriting improved because he was able to focus more clearly on the task at hand, rather than feeling distracted by the other 50 or so thoughts running through his mind. In terms of brain fog, many patients feel clearer after acupuncture treatments, feeling like the fog has lifted and they can think more clearly.

While acupuncture won't make you the next Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, it can help you feel better on the golf course, giving you the ideal opportunity to play at your best.

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