Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Resolution or Reflection?

Around the holidays people often start to think up their New Year's Resolutions: To lose weight, to eat more broccoli, to go to the gym every day, to be taller or shorter, to be...[fill in yours here]. The problem is, the middle of Winter is the WORST time to make major life altering decisions, unless you don't care whether they stick.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, energy moves in a particular way depending on the time of year. Winter is the time of hibernation. Things slow down and go inward to rest and restore. If you are trying to make a major change in your life, doesn't it make more sense to do it when energy is moving outward?

Spring is the perfect time to implement these changes. Winter is the time for reflection.

Look at yourself. Name 5 things that you really like, things that are already the way you want them to be. Examples could be "I'm really good at eating organic fruits and vegetables every day" or "I'm practicing yoga on a regular basis" or "I feel like I'm a really good parent to my kids." Whatever makes sense for you.

Then look again, and ask "What needs work?" There is nothing wrong with you, you are great, but what areas could use a little improvement? "I could drink less coffee and more water" or "I could be more compassionate with my [fill in the blank--parent, friend, spouse, sibling, coworker, etc.]" or "I could live my life with the goal of being healthy." Again, whatever makes sense for you.

You don't need to implement anything at this time. If you choose to start, start small. Trade one cup of coffee for one glass of water every day for a couple of weeks and see how that feels. Don't give it up completely or you'll be back to it at full tilt within a month. Baby steps are really the way to go in the Winter. If you choose to wait until Spring, just start imagining what life would be like if you made the changes you intend to make. Visualize your life with those changes and how good it will feel when you do implement them. Sometimes you need to start in the mind to make lasting changes in the body.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope your New Year brings you great health and much joy!

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