Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letting the Qi Flow

Balance in the body is a matter of proper Qi flow. When Qi is flowing properly everything feels good. If you have areas or organs that have too much, too little or stagnant Qi, your body tells you through symptoms.

But that is just internal Qi. What about that which connects us all, Universal Qi? We do not exist in a vacuum, we are constantly interacting with our environment (environmental Qi), other people and their Qi, the Qi that enters us through food, drink and products we use on our bodies (lotions, shampoos, sun screen, etc). There is so much to contend with on a daily basis, not to mention our own thoughts and emotions (yes, also Qi).

How do you present yourself to the world on a daily basis? Is your Qi out there for all to see or are you more reserved? Do you open yourself up to be all you that you can or does fear get in the way? Our own internal monologue can be a stagnating factor in our overall health. What kind of messages do you give yourself all day long and where did you learn those messages? Are you repeating them because they are actually true or because you've come to believe them through repetition? How does that make you feel? If you feed yourself negative messages all day long, you probably don't feel very good. If the messages are positive, and you have an "I can do it" attitude (as my kids learn at their taekwondo classes), you will feel able to conquer the world.

I was recently presented with just this issue. A couple of months ago I received a call from VoiceAmerica radio network asking if I would be interested in hosting a radio show on their Health and Wellness Network. My first thoughts were "What? Me? How could I do that? Who would want to listen to me talk?" and so on. As the fear started bubbling up (fear of public speaking especially) I observed this happening and what it was doing in my body (tight chest, racing thoughts, heat rising). I stopped, took a deep breath and decided that I wasn't going to let fear stand in the way of what could be an amazing opportunity. How wonderful would it be to talk about what I love, what i'm passionate about, to people who actually want to listen (my family is very polite but I know I often annoy them with my rantings about healthy eating and natural medicine). This could be an incredible opportunity to share natural medicine with people who might not know there are other options out there.

When I let go of my fear, everything opened up. My internal Qi started flowing as well as Universal Qi into and out of my body and mind. I felt grounded, connected and free.

When you open yourself up to the possibility of what could be, possibilities can become realities.
My radio show starts next week. Stay tuned!